Mobile users beware! Don’t get cheated by false messages

Hyderabad: Mobile users Beware of Messages saying that your Mobile has won huge amount; that Miss Riya is waiting to tell her True, Hot, Wild Guest House experiences to you; that if You Feel Sad, Just call me and let’s chat Happy at all Times, that many people are waiting for Your Friendship, and the like. Fraudsters are on the prowl to deceive gullible people in the name of winning a lottery and making friendship.

Reports in the media clearly indicate that cheats are adopting various innovative ways to deprive you of your hard earned money and dupe you in many ways. Beware, once you respond to such messages, are sure to be cheated by unscrupulous elements.

One SMS says Your Mobile has won Rs.2.75 crore in iPhone Mobile Promo. To claim send your name, phone number, occupation, address, Age to–622129. Another message says: Hey Don’t You Remember Me! I am waiting for U so long. Just call me at 5630066. Another Message says: Very Hit Miss Riya has come back. Call 546465 and Listen to her Host Stories. Another says: Call 546465 for True and Hot Wile Stories in Your own language from Miss Riya. 654646. Another SMS says: Many Friends are waiting for you even Today, So dial 5630066 and spend Excising moments chatting with friends. Yet another message says in Telugu: ‘Mee Chilipi Kaburlu Mallee Vinaalani Vundi. Call me 5567866104.’ These luring messages are meant to mislead you and cheat you by many ways. Beware. (NSS)