Mobile Phones, Accessories Recovered in Tihar Jail Compound

New Delhi: The Tihar Jail authorities have recovered nine mobile phones including an iphone 5S, a bluetooth device, mobile chargers and earphones from a pit in the prison compound.

Acting on a tip-off, five handmade knives and two awls were also recovered from the possession of a few inmates.

“Strict action as per the jail manual will be taken against those found guilty. The articles were recovered from a pit in the jail compound. A team raided the identified area and the ground was dug up and the items were found,” said Mukesh Prasad, AIG (Delhi Prisons).

After repeated incidents of such recoveries, the jail authorities have increased patrolling on the premises. The administration is also planning to put up nets all over the boundary walls.

He said that most of the items are thrown from outside and steps have been taken to curb this practice.

“We have taken various measures to curb flinging in of objects. Vigil has been increased in the areas that are adjacent to the main road,” Mr Prasad said.

Last month, a 21-year-old man was caught red-handed throwing prohibited items into Tihar Jail premises from outside during the early morning hours, by the Tamil Nadu Special Police staff during their patrolling.

Four staff members of the jail were also suspended early last month after they were found involved in smuggling of such prohibited items into the jail.