Mob Lynching: Muslim leaders hold Round Table Conference

Hyderabad: In the wake of increasing incidents of mob lynching, Muslim leaders of the city attended a Round Table Conference held yesterday.

It was organized by SCs, STs, BCs and Minorities Front at Media Plus Auditorium, Gunfoundry. Mr Sanaullah Khan, President of the Front presided over the conference.

It was attended by Mr Sahfeeq-uz-Zaman, IAS (Rtd), Mr Justice Ismail, Major S.G.M Quadri, Mr Tariq Quadri, Mr Ziauddin Nayyar, Mr Hamid Mohammed Khan, Dr Kadiri Krishna and Christian representatives.

Justice Ismail suggested that people should go to the colonies and explain the situation in order to eradicate misunderstandings.

Mr Hamid Mohammed Khan told that all of us should come together to eradicate mob lynching.

Maulana Tariq Quadri told that a delegation should meet Mr KCR to apprise him of the situation.

Maulana Hussain Shaheed informed that Brahmins are inciting the Dalits against the Muslims and hatching conspiracies. Govt. should take action against them.

Mr Ziauddin Nayyar told that since 1925 RSS is working on the agenda of Hindutva. We should raise our voice against Hindutva forces.

Dr Kadiri Krishna told that the Muslims should organize a meeting in Hyderabad and other districts of TS and invite Dalits in order to remove misunderstandings.

Mr Nayeemullah Shareef demanded the Govt. to enact a law on a par with Nirbhaya Act. Mr Shafeeq-uz-Zaman, Mr Sajan Singh, Ms Jasmeen Jairath and others addressed the gathering. Mr Sanaullah Khan told that a programme of action would be formulated in consultation with all the groups of the society.