MNR college accused of grossly overcharging fee from students

Hyderabad: MNR Dental College and Hospital, which is affiliated with the Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences (KNRUHS), has been accused of overcharging their students standing in violation of their parent university’s notification.

The fees for students enrolled in Bachelors of Dental Studies has been called into question for its whopping fee difference from the original amount issued by KNRUHS. Faisal Ahmed*, a BDS student in his second year who is enrolled in the B category said, “Parents and students have raised concerns over and over again but nothing changes.”

Ahmed has been asked by MNR College to pay Rs. 4,95,000 despite a KNR University notification stating that the fee is Rs.4,20,000 for the academic year 2020-21.

The break-up of the fee structure is unclear as it doesn’t really explain what a student is being charged for. Aside from the tuition fee, students are charged an additional Rs 10,000 for laboratory facilities, another Rs. 10,000 for library fees, and also Rs. 5,000 more as stipend.

But as Ahmed noted, the unexplained part of the fee structure is the Rs. 50,000 charged for an unexplained category called “Special fees”.

“I don’t very clearly understand what the special fees is for. Since I am enrolled in the C category, I am charged Rs 65,000 more than what should be asked of a student. Ideally, a student shouldn’t have to pay for library fees either but MNR does charge. This excess amount especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has put a financial strain on my family,” said Naren Kumar*, another BDS student.

When questioned about the disparity in fees, Dr. Ravinder SV, told stated that “Students are aware of the fee structure at the time of admission and as such are liable to pay.”

Ahmed also expressed his disdain for students being made to pay fees for the coming academic year even before they have passed the semester they are enrolled in. “I am in my second year and it is yet to get completed. However, I am being asked to pay for my third year fees already,” he alleged.

The management on being asked about the same, explained the reasoning for earlier payments by citing reasons of protocol and discipline. The issue is thus at a standstill.

*names of the students have been changed to retain anonymity.