MLC’s son shoots youth in road rage: JD(U) assures action

New Delhi : The Janata Dal (United) on Sunday condemned the road rage incident in which party MLC Manorama Devi’s son shot dead a youth and assured that appropriate action would be taken against him as per the law.

“Whether it is JD (U), RJD, BJP or any other criminal, law is equal for everyone and everyone before law. Even before, one MLA each of the JD (U) and RJD have been arrested,” senior JD (U) leader K.C. Tyagi told ANI.

“Appropriate action would be taken against those who indulge in any criminal activity. Once the investigation starts, only then the action would be taken,” he added.

Another party leader Ali Anwar, on his part, assured that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar would not spare anyone, who is involved in any kind of misdeed.

“I don’t know about that incident. But I am sure that Nitish Kumar ji won’t spare anyone, who is involved in any kind of misdeed. They won’t be getting any kind of protection,” Anwar told ANI.

Bindi Yadav’s son Rocky Yadav shot dead Aditya Sachdeva late last night in Gaya when the latter was returning home after celebrating his birthday. The incident took place as Sachdeva overtook Rocky’s car.

The MLC’s husband Bindi Yadav, who was detained by the Rampur Police in connection with this case, told ANI that there was no enmity or friendship with the youth, who died.

“Both were returning from Bodh Gaya. All five of them (present in the victim’s car) were under the influence of alcohol.They overtook the car and stopped it. My son (Rocky) was driving the car. Four to five of them pulled him out the car and started beating him,” Yadav told ANI.

“The bodyguard came out of the car. During the scuffle, my son took out his licensed pistol in defence and by mistake it happened,” he added.

Meanwhile, Manorama Devi’s bodyguard has been arrested by the police.

Sachdeva’s friend Aayush, who was with him when this incident happened, said they tried overtaking their car, but the other side started firing shots in the air.

“One of them was wearing a commando dress. They assaulted my friends and fired shots after which my friend died,” he added. (ANI)