MLC poll results reflect mood of Telangana: Congress

Hyderabad: All India Congress Committee (AICC) Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan said that the victory of Congress-backed candidates in the MLC elections is slap on the face of arroagant TRS.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday, Sravan said that the MLC election results reflect the mood of Telangana which is building up against the ruling TRS. He said that the fall of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s Government was near and there would be some major developments in the next few days. He said that the same mood would continue in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections with Congress party winning majority of seats. “TRS has been spending hundreds of crores to win the Lok Sabha electiosn. But the MLC polls have set the mood and TRS was bound to face a humiliating defeat,” he said.

Sravan said that the jobless graduates, employees and teachers have shattered the arrogance of TRS by voting in favour of Congress-backed candidates in all three seats of teachers and graduate constituencies. Congratulating the three newly elected MLCs, Sravan said their victory became possible only due to the use of ballot papers. He said the results also vindicated the Congress party’s contention that EVMs were tampered or manipulated in the last Assembly elections. He said people had voted against TRS, but the EVMs were manipulated to turn those results against the opposition parties. He requested the Election Commission of India to learn some lessons from the MLC polls and ensure 100% counting of VVPATs in the Lok Sabha elections.

The Congress leader said that the votes received through Postal Ballots have always matched with the final results in any elections. For instance, he said in 2014 Assembly elections, TRS got 73% Postal Ballots and it won 65 seats. With 16% votes, Congress had won on 22 seats while TDP got 12% votes through Postal Ballots and won 15 seats. However, in 2018 elections, TRS got just 28% votes, but it won 88% seats while the Congress party won 19 seats despite getting 73% of postal ballot votes. He said these statistics clearly show that TRS had won the last Assembly elections only through tampering of EVMs.

Sravan thanked the employees, jobless youth and teachers for defeating the TRS-backed candidates. By doing so, he said the educated and intellectual segment of the society has send a strong message that people of Telangana were conscious and alert to save democracy and its institutions. He said the employees have given a fitting reply to KCR who cheated them on the promise of giving PRC or DA.