MLAs should remain loyal to their parties: PVR

Congress MLC P Venkat Rao on Wednesday criticised the MLAs who are shifting loyalties to other political parties.
Talking to reporters here, Venkat Rao said that the MLAs should remain loyal to the political parties on whose ticket they got elected. He said a party selects a person as its candidate hoping that he/she would serve his constituency for a period of five years on the party’s manifesto.

However, he said by shifting loyalties before the end of their five-year term, the MLAs were not only cheating the parties, but the people who voted for them in the last elections.

Venkat Rao was referring to some Congress MLAs who have recently joined the YSR Congress party.
Appealing the people to reject such leaders, Venkat Rao said that once elected by the people, the MLAs should continue their loyalty irrespective of whether their party remains in power or not. However, he said some MLAs have been jumping to other parties fearing that they might lose next elections due to non-performance.