MLA Raja Singh forms ‘vigilante army’

Hyderabad: BJP MLA from Hyderabad, Raja Singh, has announced the creation of a vigilante army to ‘deal with’ traitors and ‘send them to hell’. In two videos released on Wednesday, the oft-controversial legislator claimed that he is currently holding a conference to discuss the formation of a vigilante army.

Raja Singh said in the video, “Six months back, we had planned a camp, decided on a date, and invited Hinduvadi bravehearts and patriots to attend the camp. There’s a great discussion underway at this camp (now).

A pledge has been taken at this camp that every youngster in India will be trained to become a soldier; India is safe because of our Army. Similarly the Indian youth will be readied like an Army soldier. If India needs it in the coming days, the Indian youngsters should not fall behind.

The Army is taking care of traitors on the outside. But there should also be an army to take care of the terror- ists inside the house, right? So that army is now being readied.” “This army will be created in every corner of India. In the coming days, any traitor hidden inside India will be dragged out and worn down, and sent outside India – or even directly to Jahannum (hell),” Raja Singh threatened.

“This is our pledge, this is our programme.” “This programme will go on for seven more days, and we will continue to have great dis- cussions,” he said, hinting that this diabolical vigilante army was only the beginning of his anti-national activities.

In another video released on the same day, he said, “We have a determination/commitment towards Hindu rashtra, for this Hindu rashtra, we need an army. How can this army be formed? All over India, we are forming an army for Hindu rashtra, the protection of dharma and the nation. For this, there’s a 10-day camp for which we have come to Bengaluru.”

While one of the videos was uploaded on his Facebook page, the other was shared on WhatsApp. The exact location of this camp in Bengaluru is unclear. When TNM asked Raja Singh, he refused to divulge the loca- tion, but said that 470 people were participating in the event and that the camp would continue till September 24.

Authored by Mohammed Hussain, Twitter: @writetohussain