MK hikes rural economy: Harish tells Council

Minister for Legislative Affairs and Irrigation T Harish Rao today criticized the Centre for denying funds for the flagship program of Mission Kakatiya and others.
Harish was speaking in the Council on Tuesday on a debate on the budget 2018-19. “Despite the recommendation by NITI Ayog for Rs 5,000 crore for the lakes revival program of Mission Kakatiya, the Centre denied funds”, he fumed. The Centre is ought to provide funds for the flagship programs aimed at people’s welfare, he said. Though the Niti Ayog sought to give financial assistance, the BJP government at the Centre has failed to give a push to the prestigious lakes revival program in the infant State, the Irrigation minister said.

Harish also said Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, Finance Minister Eatala Rajender and himself made several requests for funds, but the Centre paid a deaf ear. The lakes revival gave positive results as the State could see significant rise in water level in Krishna basin at 89 tmc and Godavari basin at 165 tmc capacity, he informed in the Council. The Union ministers, institutions and other nations and the neighbouring Maharashtra, Puducherry and others States appreciated the very idea of lakes revival program.

Although, Prime Minister Narendra Modi who made tall statements that States’ development was national development, had swiftly forgotten to keep his word, the irrigation minister said. This can well be attributed to the step-motherly attitude of the Centre to the States which are making vigorous efforts for implementing several welfare and development programs.

NABCON of Nabard conducted a study on the implications of lakes revival and found positive results of increase in cultivation and crops sown area in Telangana. Despite less rainfall in 2016 Kharif cultivation was increased to 51.5 per cent due to lakes revival he explained. He further said that about 10.53 lakh acres were stabilised through the lakes revival program of Mission Kakatiya. Increase of water level in the lakes and water bodies pushed the paddy crop to 62.1 per cent from 49.2 per cent, 7.2 per cent more paddy sown in Kharif than Rabi and 4.1 per cent more paddy produce and 6.5 per cent of cotton, red gram produce increased in an acre to 1.5 quintals from the previous 0.5 quintal, 4 to 5 quintalas maize produced in one acre.
The people and farmers are getting back to the villages as the lakes are revived and schemes are proving handy to eke their livelihood. The average revenue of 78.5 per cent was recorded in the villages wherein lakes are abundant waters and farm revenue increased to 47.4 per cent and fish produce increased to 36 to 39 per cent, the minister added. (NSS)