Missing Voters App trending on Play Store, register using the app

With the ‘Missing Voters’ application on the Play Store, millions of voters can make sure that they are able to participate in the 2019 parliamentary elections. The Missing Voter App can find out if a voter’s name is on the electorate list it will help you enrol in just 2 minutes.

This App has the details of the number of households on each street, all the area names under constituencies, and the number of voters in each household.

If the Missing Voter app finds any Unregistered Voter, they will collect the details needed in and save in Missing Voter App in 2 mins. The team of Missing Voters app will track the status of the application form and do the needful and inform the Voter when the Voter card is approved.

Saifullah, the CEO and the founder of the Hyderabad based RayLabs stated that he found 15 per cent of overall voters and 25 per cent Muslims were not registered on the electoral list.


According to RayLabs study, 12 Crore Indians that includes 2 Crore Muslims and 3 Crore Dalits do not have Voter Ids which mean they cannot vote in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Saifullah said that crores of Muslim and Dalit voters are disqualified from practising their democratic right to vote. His mission is to help all those unregistered voters to get registered so that they can participate in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

The App can be used to apply for a new voter id online by identifying missing voters by doing a household survey. You can download the app from the Google play store or by just giving a missed call on 8099 683 683.