Missing Hyderabadi pilgrim found

As many as 63 pilgrims of India went missing after Mina stampede during Hajj, of which one belonged to Hyderabad. The missing Hyderabadi pilgrim has been found and he is found to be undergoing treatment in a hospital. Council General of Jeddah had sent the list of missing Indian pilgrims issued by Saudi authorities to Telangana Hajj Committee, which included the name of 91-year-old, Mohammed Zain-ul-Abideen from Hyderabad. He had gone to Hajj through Hajj Committee along with his wife Mrs. Zeenat Sajida. He went missing after Mina stampede however officials of Indian Hajj Mission found him in a hospital; he was separated from his batch as he suddenly fell ill and Hajj volunteers shifted him to the hospital. Thus it was confirmed that all the pilgrims of Telangana Hajj Committee are safe and sound.

Siasat news