Miss America pageant says #byebyebikini, Twitter reacts

New York: The Miss America Organisation has decided it will no longer judge contestants by their looks. As a result of the latest development, the contestants will no longer be strutting down the stage wearing swimsuits.

Twitterverse, however, seems unhappy with the organisation’s decision of scrapping the swimsuit competition and focusing instead on personality and intellect.

“So if you don’t have to be attractive anymore, where’s Miss America heading? Interviews for potential UN ambassador position? (This isn’t a jab at Nicki Hailey, she’s lovely, just wondering what’s the point of the “pagent”?,” wrote one user.

Another user tweeted, “No more swimsuits in the Miss America Pagaent. Anybody else interpret this incorrectly?”

“Why is there even still a Miss America competition?,” asked another Twitter user.