‘Misplaced bravado’: SC pulls up Manoj Tiwari

New Delhi: The Supreme court while closing the contempt case against the lawmaker Manoj Tiwari has expressed sharp disapproval for allegedly breaking the seal of premises in New Delhi.

The apex court described his action as “misplaced bravado” including his chest thumping. Mr Tiwari is an MP from the north-east Delhi constituency,

Justice Madan B Lokur slammed Tiwari and said the court was “extremely pained” due to his behaviour as he is an elected representative and should have behaved responsibly. It said Tiwari levelled stupid allegations against the court-mandated committee, which shows how “low he can bow”.

The court said, “There is no doubt that Tiwari has taken law in his hand. We are pained by the machismo and manner of Tiwari. As an elected representative he should have acted responsibly rather taking law in his own hands.” However, the Supreme Court left it to BJP to take actions against him.

On September 19, the court had issued contempt notice against Manoj Tiwari, after taking note of a report filed by the monitoring committee which had alleged that the BJP leader had broken the seal of the premises.

East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) lodged an FIR against Tiwari for allegedly breaking the seal of the premises in Gokalpuri area in north-east Delhi on September 16. The top court had earlier ordered restoration of its 2006 monitoring committee to identify and seal unauthorised structures in Delhi.