Miscreants attempt to erect pooja sthan at Seven Tombs foiled

Hyderabad, September 30: A tree was being hemmed in with the help of iron grilles at Qutub Shahi Seven tombs in the name of a specific pooja. The work had been silently continued from two days. Besides the tree, the grilles were also painted saffron. As soon as the local social activists of Golconda got the report they immediately came into action and protested against it after reaching the spot. They also submitted a written complaint with assistant director Archeology. Apart from that they also informed Golconda police and Director Archeology Channa Reddy.

All the grills were removed under the supervision of Vani Seetapati. Police also reached the spot as precaution. Locals’ timely action foiled the miscreants attempt in a peaceful manner.

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