Miraculous! Osteoarthritic woman cured post ‘Gold’ knee replacement surgery

New Delhi: After losing all hopes of revival, a 54-old-woman, who was unable to walk or sit for almost a decade due to osteoarthritis has been cured at a Pune hospital.

Sanjivanee Watane underwent Golden Knee Replacement surgery at Global Hospital and Research Centre with vitamin ePlus poly cover, a type of total knee transplant.

Her problem was in her right knee, a result of ignoring pain in the initial stage. Soon the pain became unbearable and visits to doctors and physio-therapists did not yield any positive result.

After extreme osteoarthritis was diagnosed, she was told that a total knee replacement was the only solution.

Three days after the surgery, Watane started walking. She initially experienced pain but it dwindled within days.

According to the doctors, Vitamin ePlus poly cover with Gold-plated knee joint is an innovative, next-generation implant with high-density polymer blended with vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant.

Aashish Arbat, senior orthopaedic surgeon, who performed the surgery, said Gold Knee implant can be the solution for people requiring knee replacements at a young age or for the obese.

Speaking about the Gold knee-blended transplant, Arbat said: “Vitamin E improves the material’s strength while preventing polyethylene degenerating oxidation.”

“This helps the material hold up to the higher expectations of today’s active patient. E-plus is the first blended vitamin E polyethylene, with the vitamin E homogeneously blended directly into the resin,” Arbat added.

(With IANS inputs)