Miracle: Woman gives birth in coma

“Amelia defied all scientific logic, her case is truly a miracle

Argentina: Amelia Bannan, 34, gave birth to her kid while in Coma. A policewoman by profession, her husband and colleagues in Argentina met with a car accident four months ago.

“At the start of year, she moved sometimes, made signs of waking up,” said her brother Cesar in Buenos Aires.

“Last Thursday, during Holy Week, we were in her room at the clinic, and we heard someone say ‘Yes,’ we approached her. It was a very moving moment.”

As she lay in a coma in a hospital in the city of Posadas, her pregnancy moved along as planned. Santino was born by cesarean section a few hours before Christmas, in perfect health.

“Amelia’s sister Norma took care of Santino. And every day at 6 pm, she brought the baby to Amelia,” said brother Cesar.

When Amelia finally regained consciousness last week, and her sister brought Santino to her, she at first thought the baby was her nephew. Then her family explained the happy news.

Amelia began to remember what happened to her. At first speaking in a confused manner, she eventually made herself understood, her brother said.

“The doctors said that Amelia has defied all scientific logic, that her case is truly a miracle,” said Cesar, who is also a cop.

“Amelia is young, and despite the traumatic brain injury she suffered, she is surprising us,” said neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira, who is treating her.

“She still has a lot to give. She needs time, and everyone needs to be patient.”