Minor’s eardrum ruptures due to alleged police torture

Jodhpur: In an alleged incident of police torture, eardrum of a minor boy got ruptured after he was thrashed by some policemen in connection with a kidnapping case.

The minor, Pankaj Gurjar, said that he was summoned by the police on Friday evening in relation to a case of an absconding girl. When he reached the police station (Ratanada), the policemen present there, inquired his name and about the case and when bade ignorance, they started beating him black and blue.

His father, Arun Kumar, said that when Pankaj came back, he informed us about the incident and said that he was not able to hear anything clearly.

“We took him to the hospital, where we were told that his eardrum has ruptured and would require at least 3 months to recover”, the father said.

“Next day, I went to the police station to lodge complaint against the policemen, who had beaten my son, but I was made to leave by the thana staff without hearing anything”, he said.

Today he appeared before the senior police officials in order to bring the incident to their notice and apprise them of the ensuing behavior of the police.

The complaint has been received and investigation has been ordered in the matter, a police official said.

“If found guilty, the responsible would not be spared”, he added.