Minority Hindu families protest abduction of minor

Islamabad: Protesting minority Hindu families residing in the Yazman Tehsil, which is approximately 30-kilomters from Bahawalpur, have come out onto the streets to demand the recovery of minor girl allegedly abducted five days ago.

According to the Dawn, the protesting Hindus maintained that 12-year-old Rimshah was abducted by some local people.

The Dawn quoted Hari Chand, her father, as telling police in his complaint, that Ata Muhammad, Saghir Ahmed and Wazir Bibi had abducted his daughter.

A spokesman of the District Police Chief’s Office, was quoted, as saying that a Hindu community delegation has been asked to wait for 24 hours for the recovery of the girl.

Meanwhile, in a separate development, posters featuring images of the senior PML-N leadership, including President Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Chief MInister Shahbaz Sharif and Member of the National Assembly Hamza Shahbaz were defaced by unidentified persons during a protest held near the Bahawal Victoria Hospital.

Reportedly, there is a growing feeling that Bahawalpur is being neglected by the Punjab provincial government. (ANI)