Minority Commission to hold seminar to educate youth about the perils of ISIS

Hyderabad: State Minority Commission will organise a seminar on August 6, at Ravindra Bharati to educate youth about the perils of ISIS’ ideology and serious repercussions of getting involved in its activities through social media.

The event is being organised in the backdrop of police in several states detaining men on suspicion of having links with ISIS or planning to join the dreaded outfit. Minority Commission is organising the event to keep Muslim youth away from such activities. Eminent Muslim leaders, religious figures, police officers, legal experts, representatives of social media companies, officials concerned with monitoring of intelligence, representatives of companies like Google and Facebook who are based in Hyderabad, ‘ulemas’ (scholars), religious leaders, media personalities and outlets who have some sway like Urdu newspapers, college principals, vice-chancellors of universities like JNTU and Osmania and political leaders have been invited.

Chairman Minority Commission Abid Rasool Khan told that the seminar aims at ensuring that the youth do not land in trouble and jeopardise their career and future. Speakers will discuss various aspects like how ISIS is affecting youth and how the youth are being taken in a wrong direction through certain websites and all those Facebook posts. Speakers will educate parents regarding how they can control their young boys from getting involved in these activities, how they should keep a tab, under which law they can be booked and what are the punishments.

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