Minority colleges threaten closure

Hyderabad, January 31: The managements of minority colleges including engineering, pharmacy, MBA and MCA colleges warned of closure of their institutions if the state government fails to pay the fee reimbursement arrears by February 15, 2011. It has said it would collect the fee from the students if the government fails to meet the deadline.

The college managements allege that the government was resorting to ‘blackmailing tactics’ in the name of grading system, ragging etc. when asked about the release of students’ fee reimbursement. The government, which has been giving priority to the Rachabanda programme, has failed to give importance to the lakhs of students’ future by not releasing the funds, it remarked.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Consortium of private engineering colleges managements association P Rajeswar Reddy informed that a case relating to payment of fee reimbursement would come for hearing in the Supreme Court tomorrow.

The Apex Court has already directed the state government to pay the arrears by January 29, 2011.

In all, about `3400 crores arrears which include `200 crores of last academic year are to be paid by the government by January 29. In a bid to avert contempt of the Court orders, the state government has recently sanctioned about `1000 crores but has failed to distribute it in the name of noncompletion of online uploading of students data. The government is intentionally delaying the process of applications verification, he remarked.