Minorities Welfare Committee of Assembly urged to move resolution for 12% reservation for Muslims

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has recently constituted the Assembly Committee for Minorities Welfare under the chairmanship of TRS MLA of Bodhan, Mr. Amer Shakeel which includes members from TRS and MIM. Its introductory meeting was held a few days back and its business session is scheduled to be held on 20th July. The implementation of various welfare schemes for Minorities will be reviewed in this meeting. If this committee includes the resolution for providing 12% reservation for Muslims, it will not only enhance the esteem of this committee among the Muslims but also depicts the seriousness of its members.


Legal experts opined that this committee is authorized to recommend anything which goes in favour of minorities. If a resolution is moved in this committee it will be a record. Mr. KCR has reiterated more than once in Assembly and also outside to pass a resolution in favour of reservations to Muslims. This committee can take an initiative to exert its moral pressure on the Govt. If such a resolution is passed, it will benefit TRS Govt. to restore the confidence of Minorities. It is expected that Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Amer Shakeel and other members namely, Mr. Mohammed Farooq Husain and Mr. Mohammed Saleem will play a key role in passing this resolution. Everyone knows that these members have a concern for Minorities. If this is done, it would be construed as service to Minorities. Govt. gives importance to the recommendations of such committees.


All the eyes of the Muslims are set on the meeting of 20th July. It will also be a test for the members of the committee. The Muslims feel that TRS Party needs internal representation and pressure for such issues. It has been observed that representatives of Minorities in TRS are not in a position to make any representation for the welfare of Minorities with the CM. Everyone is worried about his continuation in the party and to meet his/her target. These representatives did not exert any pressure either individually or collectively for providing 12% reservation for Muslims. TRS also has a Minorities Cell but so far, it did not pass any resolution in this regard. Minority candidates were seen to strive to get positions in various corporations. They have an apprehension that if they raise the issue of 12% reservation for Muslims, perhaps they might be deprived of nominated posts.


There is a need for these representatives to give importance to the interests of the community. They should convene a convention of Minorities inviting representatives from all the districts and to pass a resolution in favour of 12% reservation for Muslims. They should give preference to the cause of the community rather than their personal interests.



–Siasat News