Minorities of Telangana will decide the fate of minorities across nation; should not get overwhelmed by emotions: Zafar Agha

During an interview on Qaumi Aawaz online edition, Zafar Agha editor-in-chief of National Herald said assembly elections in 5 states which are going to poll are being considered as a seminal final for 2019 general elections. According to the ground reports coming from the two states out of the 3 states where the election has already been held BJP’s performance is very poor.

Mr Zafar Agha says, anti-incumbency factor exists in Rajasthan and it is difficult for BJP to win elections. Commenting upon the politics of India he says these elections will decide the fate of minorities in the country. If Narendra Modi regains power at the centre no one can stop him from making India a Hindu Rashtra and if it becomes a Hindu Rashtra we can’t even imagine what is in store for minorities. He maintained that if minorities want to defeat Modi and his BJP government they should ensure Congress’ victory now itself in the maximum number of states.

Commenting upon the politics of Telangana Mr Agha claims Mahakautami is getting more powerful in Telangana. It is believed that TRS is in secret alliance with BJP. In this situation, it will be in the interest of minorities to vote for Congress in Telangana itself.

Zafar Agha feels communities should decide whom to vote keeping in view their larger interest instead of getting overwhelmed by emotions. Nations who take decisions on the basis of their emotions regret later. Minorities of Telangana will decide the fate of minorities of the entire country.

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