Minorities Overseas Scholarship 2016: Students deprived of even 1st installment

Hyderabad: Mr. KCR made many announcements in the Assembly for the welfare of Minorities. It is a fact that for the past three years, the entire budget allocated for Minorities welfare was not utilized. Overseas scholarship amounts were not paid to the students who got admission in foreign universities in 2016.

The interesting thing is that on 20th November, CM announced that Minority students studying in any university in any country will be eligible to get these scholarships. In this meeting, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Dy. CM, Mr. A.K. Khan, Advisor to Govt. on Minority Affairs, Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare were present. It may be mentioned that 400 students had applied for this scholarship in 2016 out of which 140 students were selected and 100 students were given the first installment. The remaining 40 students are yet to get the first installment. Their parents are worried.

In the year 2017, 500 students applied for these scholarships. It is not known what action has been taken about these applications. The Secretary of the Department of Minorities Welfare has to reply to it. Govt. claims to spend crores of rupees for the Minorities. If the funds are released on time, the remaining installments of scholarship could be given to the student.

The students who secured around 60% marks should also be considered for grant of these scholarships. If this is done, every year, 250 more students could benefit out of this scheme. Can’t the officials of Minorities Welfare ensure admissions of 250 Minority students in foreign universities? If the concerned officials discharge their duties consciously, the total number of students allocated for overseas scholarships could benefit out of it.

–Siasat News