Minorities living below poverty line, debt-ridden in Old City of Hyderabad: Survey

Hyderabad: A survey is being undertaken by Helping Hand Foundation, a city-based NGO, in Old City. The objectives of the survey are, to ascertain the socio-economic conditions of the people and to understand the health and other socio-economic parameters of the minority population in the Old City. The survey which began on May 2 has covered 5000 so far in the entire south zone.

According to Mujtaba Askari, founder of the foundation, the NGO wants to seek details of individuals suffering from various health problems and also those who are debt-ridden.

The preliminary data results obtained from the survey revealed that the minority population of the Old City areas, particularly in the urban slums, are living below the poverty line (BPL) and are debt-ridden.

Deccan Chronicle has quoted Mr. Askari as saying “Both these parameters are tightly interwoven and are having a huge negative impact on the other socio economic aspects of life, like education, employment, women empowerment and well- being of the families.”