Minorities Employees Association of Nalgonda lodges complaint against Wasim Rizvi

Nalgonda: The Nalgonda unit of the minorities employees association, led by Dr Ateeq Ahmed Khan, Prof. Syed Ali, Sheik Ahmed al Amoodi, Mufti Syed Ateeq Ahmed and others, submitted a complaint against Wasim Rizvi in the district police station with regard to Rizvi’s Supreme Court petition seeking deletion of some verses from the Quran.

District Police Superintendent A.V.Ranganath assured them that he would submit their complaint to the higher officials. In the complaint, it was mentioned that Rizvi has hurt the sentiments of the Muslim society by submitting an application in the Supreme Court to remove the 26 verses from the holy Quran.  

Mufti Ahmed said that the word “Jihad” in the Quran is not meant to kill or hurt someone but to clean oneself from sins, to impart knowledge to others, to remove poverty and not the poor and to eliminate social inequalities in the society. By defining Jihad in a wrongful manner, Rizvi has spoilt the image of the Muslims.