Minorities, Dalits and backward classes targeted since BJP came to power

Hyderabad: CPI national general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy said that since BJP-led NDA came to power at the centre the atmosphere of the country has become polluted. He said minorities, Dalits and other backward classes are being targeted. Indian Nationalist Movement has made a good initiative by beginning yatra for the promotion of peace, brotherhood and communal harmony. He was addressing National Convention of Indian Nationalist Movement (INM). He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks of poor but supports rich and helps corporate houses. He stressed the need to free India from corporate culture.

Mr Muzaffar Shah who is the nephew of Farooq Abdullah and cousin of Umar Abdullah said insignificant issued are focused by Kashmir government instead of solving the main issue. He invited the leaders of Nationalist Movement to come to Jammu & Kashmir to review the situation.

Earlier a resolution was passed in the meeting of delegates.

The participants jointly observed that the situation during NDA government is worse than the emergency period.