Minorities Commission issues notice over neglect of Urdu in media panel

The State Minorities Commission on Monday issued show cause notice to the Information and Public Relations Commissioner for not giving any representation to Urdu Media in the first state level media accreditation committee constituted by the Telangana Government.

In their representation submitted to Commission Chairman Abid Rasool Khan, M. A. Majid, NEC Member, Indian Journalists Union (IJU) NEC Members M.A.Majid and Faiz Mohd Azgar, HUJ President T Koti Reddy and Joint Secretary Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin said that the State Government issue a G.O. Ms. No. 197 dated 23/05/2015 constituting the Media Accreditation Committee. However, it did not include any member from the Urdu Media in the committee.

They said that Urdu is a prominent language in the State and except Khammam, Urdu is the second official language in all other districts of Telangana State. “Urdu Media plays a vital role in Telangana. During the period of United Andhra Pradesh, at least one representation was given in all State Media Accreditation Committees although the Urdu press was neglected and it remained sidelined. The creation of Telangana State had brought new hopes to Urdu loving people, especially the Urdu Press. The combination of Telugu and Urdu is the cultural identity of Telangana,” they said.

There are many leading Urdu dailies, weekly, fortnightly and month journals in Hyderabad and the Urdu electronic media has a strong presence in the city and other districts of Telangana. Despite giving several representations, the State Government did not consider inclusion of Urdu journalist in the Committee, they said while expressing shock over the injustice meted out by a government whose Chief Minister (K. Chandrashekar Rao) himself is an Urdu-loving person.

“In view of its importance, it is essential to nominate at least four representatives from Urdu media in State Level Media Accreditation Committee, with one each representing leading daily, small and medium newspapers, Urdu news agencies and a member representing electronic media. It should also be ensured that at least one Urdu representation is given in all district level Media Accreditation Committees,” they demanded.

They also complained that no senior journalist was given the State Accreditation Card in the first and second phase of issuance.

While taking up the matter, the Minorities Commission issued the notice to the government and said that it has mandate to under the Andhra Pradesh Regulation Act to safeguard the interest and implement 15-point Prime Minister’s Programme, in which Urdu is also a subject.

The Commission has posted the next hearing in the case to October 10 at 11 AM. (INN)