Minor studying in Boarding school gang-raped by seniors

Uttarakhand: A shocking incident of a Class 10 student studying in a Dehradun’s boarding school was allegedly gang-raped by her seniors studying Class 12 a month ago.

The boarding school authorities and the staff are reported to have made efforts to conceal the crime said the police, NDTV reports.

Four students all aged below 18 have been detained by the Police while five officials, including the principal, administrator and hostel caretaker have been arrested.

The incident came to light after the victim who lived in the girl’s hostel narrated her ordeal to her elder sister about her sickness after the alleged gang-rape.

It was found that the victim was pregnant due to the incident. The victim told that she was gang-raped on 14 August after she was called to a storeroom on the pretext of preparations for Independence Day.

“The school management tried to suppress the case. The girl says she reported the case to the ayah the same day. But they tried to dissuade her to report. After a month, the crime has come to the knowledge of police,” Additional Director General of Police Ashok Kumar.

The Police also told that School officials have tried to terminate the pregnancy by mixing drugs in her drink.

The victim’s parents soon arrived after the crime was revealed and visited the school, police station and child welfare officials.

The girl had already recorded her official statement before the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.