Minor Dalit girl gang raped and burnt, seven booked

NEW DELHI: A 14-year-old girl belonged to the Dalit community was gang raped and burnt to death in her makeshift room in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar last Friday.

According to The Indian Express report, her charred body was found on May 24 at her makeshift home, next to the brick kiln where she and her family worked.

The incident occurred after her parents had gone away from the village following the mother falling ill. The girl along with her 12-year-old brother were left alone at home.

Her family alleged that the girl is gang raped and murdered but the police is trying to cover up the incident by making it look like an accidental death.police is yet to make any arrests.

The Indian Express newspaper quoted her father as saying: “There was a pile of clothes inside the room. It appears that they set fire to the clothes to make it look like an accident. There is no electricity in the room. Nothing combustible was inside either. How can they say it was fire?”

The report furthered that police claimed the family did not report it as a gang rape on May 26 when they initially filed a complaint against the brick kiln owner and others.

Although, the Uttar Pradesh Police on Tuesday booked seven men suspected of committing the crime but is yet to make any arrests.