Ministers launch health facilities

Health Minister Dr C Lakshma Reddy today said that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is according top priority to health sector and offering best health services to the people. Along with Minister P Srinivas Reddy, he launched a 5-bed Dialysis center at Kamareddy area hospital and 100-bed hospital at Bhanswada in Kama Reddy district and said to launch Rs 17 cr worth mother and child care hospital soon.
Later addressing a public meeting, the health minister said that KCR achieved Telangana with help of people and turning the state into a golden state with a focus on welfare and development.

We are lucky to have the chief minister like KCR for providing huge funds for unmatched health services to the poor in the state. The people are indebted to get improved health facilities with latest equipment in the hospitals at all levels from villages and towns. The people should lend support to the chief minister for more welfare and rapid growth in all sectors Lakshma Reddy said. He said that KCR also implementing other schemes though not mentioned in manifesto and fulfilling the promises given. The minister also promised to construct mother and child care center at Bansvada in one year. (NSS)

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