Mining officer accuses BJP Minister of thrashing him

Banda (Uttar Pradesh): An Uttar Pradesh Mining officer has accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Minister of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Brijesh Prajapati and his aides of thrashing him in a closed room at Circuit house on Tuesday.

The Mining officer named Shailendra Singh said that the BJP MLA demanded to make miners pay Rs 25 lakhs every month to him.

“I said that I am not able to pay this much of amount. Then, they thrashed me. I have met the District Magistrate and he has assured me to take action in the matter,” the Mining officer said.
Meanwhile, the BJP MLA accused Singh of corruption and said that the latter has formed a syndicate with illegal miners.

“I called him to Circuit house as e-rickshaw drivers approached me that they were locked up on charges of illegal mining when they were taking 1-2 sacks of sand for construction of their home. He is a corrupt officer and has formed a syndicate with illegal miners,” Prajapati said.