Minhaj Ansari shared beef message on WhatsApp, succumbs to custodial torture

Jamtara: 22-year-old Minhaj Ansari died after being allegedly beaten all night in police custody for sharing a “controversial Whatsapp comment” on beef.

However, police officers claimed Ansari was suffering from encephalitis and succumbed in the RIMS intensive care unit (ICU).

According to reports, Minhaj, a mobile shop owner and a resident of Tarpar Tola, Dighari, Jamtara along with a group of people arrested on October 3 over circulating a message on WhatsApp on beef.

Ansari, the administrator of the WhatsApp group, were taken into custody as such message could have led to communal clashes during Muharram and Dassera, said police.

While other suspects released a day later and came back with black and blue marks on their body showing signs of considerable torture,  but Ansari was placed under arrest.

As per Two Cirlces report, the family of Minhaj was informed that he that he had been beaten so bad that he had apparently lost eyesight.

The family accused the police of torturing him.

“His eyes were wide open; they had become useless. His spine had been broken, his legs were broken. He could not move, and there was no response when his family saw him,” said a tearful Ilyas over the phone. “We stayed there, but all our hopes had been dashed,” said Mohammed Ilyas, a family member. On October 9, Minhaj was declared dead.

“Minhaj had a one-year-old daughter. What use is Rs 2 lakh, when you have snatched away the father of a toddler,” asked Ilyas.

On last Tuesday, when Minhaj was shown to the media, his face covered with a cloth, his body was slumped lifeless against a wall. He was not able to walk or even stand because of a severe beating, reports ndtv.

An  FIR of murder has been registered against the officer-in-charge Sub-Inspector Harish Pathak and has since been suspended.

The social media express shock about the unfortunate incident and attacked the BJP government.