Mind of Car: Musk teases new Tesla UI release

San Francisco: Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla will release a new user interface with its upcoming FSD v9 Beta software update.

The updated UI will have something that the CEO referred to as the “mind of car” view.

The EV maker has been expected to release a broader user interface update in its vehicles for a while now, Electek reported.

It has often been referred to as its v11 software update and it is expected to use some of the new designs seen in the new UI in the updated Model, the report said.

The update has also been associated with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta v9 software update since it is supposed to coincide with the wider release of the beta update.

In Tesla’s current FSD Beta update, which is only being used by a few thousand owners in the early access program, mainly Tesla employees, the driving visualisations look more like a debugging mode than anything else.

The automaker is expected to update those visualisations with a cleaner look coming to the wider release of FSD Beta.

Now, Musk has confirmed that a new user interface is coming with the update and it will feature a “mind of car” view.

While not entirely clear, the “mind of car” view is likely a reference to the new driving visualisations, which show how the car sees its surroundings.

Tesla’s driving visualisations have often been referred to as a “confidence builder” for Autopilot, and now FSD, as they let you know what Tesla’s computer vision system can see.

Some objects are often seen jumping around in those visualisations, which Musk has indicated could be fixed with the new Tesla Vision computer vision update.