This ‘mind blowing’ tree breeds 40 different fruits

This ‘mind blowing’ tree breeds 40 different fruits

Washington: Ever wish you could get different fruits from one single tree? A mind blowing video clip provides evidence that it’s possible.

In a four-minute National Geographic feature, Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken which shows his interesting hobby that how using his “chip grafting” method, the tree takes on the task of growing separate fruits by itself, People magazine reported.

The method involves slicing a section of a branch and inserting a bud from a desired fruit tree, taping the wound until it’s able to produce on its own.

After a year-long wait, the tree would offer up 40 varieties of stone fruits.

Aken said in the video that project was always an art project for him as he was “really interested in the idea of a hoax in terms of a hoax transforms reality.”

The process takes 8 to 9 years in total because each year sees twice the number of branches, with grafting. (ANI)