MIM silent on Muslim reservation, Feroz Khan wonders

Hyderabad: Congress candidate for Hyderabad Parliamentary Constituency, Mr.Feroz Khan expressed his surprise that MIM leadership is silent on the issue of Muslim reservations. Those who claim to champion the cause of the Muslims did not question Mr. KCR about Muslim reservation issue.

He recalled that Mr. KCR had promised that he would provide 12% reservation to Muslims, accord judicial powers to Wakf Board and grant bank loans to Muslims but he never fulfilled these promises.

He criticized MIM that instead of putting these questions to KCR, it is blindly supporting TRS.

Mr. Feroz Khan termed MIM and TRS as the two sides of the same coin which is BJP.MP of Hyderabad is playing the role of KCR’s disciple. He questioned MIM that why does it not release its election manifesto.

He challenged Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi to give an assurance that there won’t be any bogus voting in LS election. He would then withdraw his candidature.

He assured that he would get Rs.1000 crore grant for the development of old city if elected to Lok Sabha.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]