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MIM silent on 12% reservation which benefits 50000 Muslims; It is functioning as the agent of Sangh Parivar – Ghouse

MIM silent on 12% reservation which benefits 50000 Muslims; It is functioning as the agent of Sangh Parivar – Ghouse

Hyderabad: If 12% reservations are given, 50000 Muslim can benefit but MIM did not raise this issue either in Telangana Assembly or exerted its pressurize on the Govt. for its implementation.


MIM is now a party of the Muslims only for namesake. Its leaders were silent on the encounter of Vikharuddin and Kishan Bagh incidents. People should be alert. In the past, MIM used to raise its voice against the atrocities on Muslims but now its policy is “Jidhar Riyal, Udhar Khiyal”.


These thoughts were expressed by Congress leaders, Mr. Uttam Kumar Reddy, Mr. Mohammed Ghouse and Mr. Shaik Abdullah Sohail.


Mr. Mohammed Ghouse, former Corporator told that people are aware of his public services. He said that he had fired crackers on the success of secular parties in Bihar elections for which he was punished by MIM. MIM did not give him ticket this time. The present leadership of MIM is patronizing sycophants. It has now become autocratic and it is functioning as the agent of Sangh Parivar. Shaking hands before the elections and not seeing eye-to-eye has become the nature of the present of MIM. He heavily criticized MIM leadership that it does not have the strength to contest 150 Municipal divisions in the home town, how can it win elections in other states. He questioned the MIM leadership that at whose instance did it decide to contest Maharashtra and Bihar Assembly Elections.


Mr. Mohammed Ghouse told that he enjoys the support of the youths and the prayers of his elders. Most people are afraid of MIM leadership but on the polling day, they would exercise their votes in his favour. He further told that to encourage him, his wife and his son are also contesting these elections. He hoped that the people of Hyderabad would support all these three candidates.


Mr. Shaik Abdullah Sohail, City President of Congress told that the monopoly of MIM has ended. Congress which is fighting against the communal elements and BJP has now entered the Old City. He also told that during the past few years, MIM leaders have progressed but the Old City deteriorated.



–Siasat News