MIM the mastermind behind M J Akber’s transfer

The revelations made by the Siasat regarding Mohammed Jalaluddin Akber’s transfer from the post of Director Minority Welfare have been proved true. The mastermind behind the transfer of M J Akber, who was serving on important posts like Director Minority Welfare, Competent Authority Waqf Board and Survey Commissioner Waqf and was playing a significant role in effective implementation of government’s scheme and protection of Waqf property, was none other than the MIM party. Siasat Daily has obtained the letter of Hyderabad MP Asad Owaisi in which he has requested suspension of M J Akber and action against him. Interestingly the letter has been written on February 27, addressed to Chief Secretary Govt. of Telangana and Owaisi Brothers had a meeting with Chief Minister on February 28. Apparently a separate letter was issued for media which mentioned problems of minorities but the letter written against M J Akber was kept in secret. The letter written by the MIM in favour of secretary Minority Welfare Syed Omer Jaleel has unveiled party’s backing to the later.


The measures recently taken by M J Akber as Director Minority Welfare and Competent Authority for protection of prime Waqf properties did not amuse MIM, as the persons against whom the action was initiated were close to the party. At first M J Akber was pressurised to stop action against encroachers and Waqf Mafia but when he paid no heed, his transfer was planned. Petty issues were raised in the letter written by the MP requesting transfer of M J Akber, which is quite surprising.

Those who demanded suspension on use of 40 litres extra petrol from MFC fund remained silent 30 years’ rent was waived off for tenants of Masjid Nana Bagh Basheer Bagh property. The letter of Hyderabad MP shows that the party leadership doesn’t want to see honest and law-abiding persons on the post instead it wants to see corrupt and such officers on the post, who would dance to its tune.

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