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MIM loosing ground to Congress in old city

MIM loosing ground to Congress in old city

Old city was till now considered to be MIM bastion but it seems that MIM is loosing ground to Congress in old city. The major cause behind this according to political analysts is injustice done towards deserving activists and leaders by the MIM leadership. People have so far been exploited by emotional slogans. MIM’s wave was evident in the past but now flags of Congress TRS and BJP are being seen waved in old city areas.

On the other hand besides Amjadullah Khan Khaled of MBT, ex-MIM Corporator Mohammed Ghouse have kept MIM leadership on tenterhooks. Mohammed Ali Shabbir has exposed MIM leadership through his road shows and political meetings.

Mohammed Ghouse who has recently joined Congress and is contesting from Puranapul, his son Mohammed Sohail from Shah Ali Banda and wife Parveen sultana from Ghansi Bazar claims that Congress will win on all three seats. He further claimed that people of old city are disappointed with MIM leadership and today people will not vote blindly.

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