MIM leaders ready to join Congress: Ex-MIM Corporator Khaja Bilal meets Gulam Nabi Azad

Hyderabad: Many MIM leaders have started joining Congress and they are closely in contact with the top leadership of Congress. They allege that MIM leadership has connived with BJP.

Former Corporator, Khaja Billal Ahmed met Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad and decided to join Congress. 6 more corporators from the city and many MIM leaders from Karnataka and Maharashtra have started negotiations for joining Congress.

It is reported that before Karnataka Assembly Elections, MIM leaders from Bidar and other districts of Karnataka would also join Congress.

Mr. Syed Moin, State President of MIM, Maharashtra has already started negotiation with State and Central Congress leaders.

Authentic sources revealed that former Corporator of Charminar, Mohammed Ghouse, 6 sitting and 12 former Corporators are in touch with other MIM leaders of Sangareddy, Bidar, Basawa Kalyan and other districts of Karnataka to forge a policy to strengthen secular forces in Karnataka Assembly Elections.

It is reported that after delinking Itehad Electricity Employees’ Union from MIM, its president, Khaja Bilal Ahmed was instrumental in strengthening Congress party in Old City.

It is reported that MIM leadership is playing in the hands of communal elements. MIM leaders of Maharashtra are asking that the party which participated in various state elections under the pretext of atrocities and communal riots in Gujarat, why didn’t it contest Gujarat Elections and why didn’t it support any other party in Gujarat whereas in Bihar, Maharashtra, UP and Telangana, MIM leaders are making a reference to Gujarat atrocities?

–Siasat News