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MIM joins hands with all parties

MIM joins hands with all parties

Generally any political party unites with its like-minded parties at the time of elections and forms an alliance or united front or enters into poll alliance with any one party. Though MIM had apparently announced to go solo in GHMC polls but indications show that the party has a formed secret pact with almost all major parties.

Sticking to its traditional poll tactic of having secret alliance with the ruling party, MIM has persuaded TRS leadership to field weak candidates in MIM strongholds, while MIM itself has avoided some wards to ensure TRS victory. Such secret pact is not restricted to TRS only but clear indications show secret alliance with BJP also. This is the reason that all the three major parties have fielded weak candidates in several wards of old city to pave way for MIM’s victory. In return MIM has shown goodwill in new city wards.

Leaders of Congress, TDP and BJP have complained that candidates who are popular among public have been deprived of tickets due to secret alliance with MIM and new faces have been introduced. MIM has not fielded its candidates in several minority dominated wards of Amberpet and Khairiatabad assembly segments to ensure BJP’s victory in them. It has been learned from the grapevine that MIM has formed secret pact with all major parties in a bid to retain its seats.

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