MIM eyes on Bhainsa Wakf land: Hyd. MP recommends for NOC, Saleem takes tough stand

Hyderabad: Chairman of Telangana State Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Saleem opposed the recommendation of local political party for issuing NOC for the construction of compound wall by Bhainsa Municipality on Muslim graveyard land in that town. According to the reports, MIM MLA who is also the member of Wakf Board met Mr. Mohammed Saleem yesterday along with the recommendation letter of Hyderabad MP. He was accompanied by the local leaders of the political party. He was insisting the chairman to issue NOC for the construction of compound wall to protect wakf land of Abdullah Khan Muslim graveyard admeasuring 4111 sq. yards located at Bhainsa which is registered under survey number 330/2 as Wakf land.

It is reported that the leader of the local party had constructed 15 shops on this wakf land. He is not allowing the wakf officials to survey the land. The local municipality claims that it had acquired this land in 1954 whereas in the Pahani of 1950 there is a proof of the existence of a graveyard.

The interesting thing is that the land on which the local municipality claims its ownership, why should Wakf Board issue NOC. In fact, it is an attempt by the local party to benefit its leader.

It may be mentioned that former CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Asadullah had personally inspected the land. At that time, the leader of the local party commissioned him to his house but the CEO refused to go. The CEO alleged to have taken bribe. The Inspector-Auditor of Wakf Board and Surveyor made an attempt to survey this land but the leader of the local party got an FIR registered in the police against them. The officials of Wakf Board are afraid of inspecting or surveying the wakf land.

It is reported that MP of Hyderabad through the MLA desired the Wakf Board to issue NOC placing the matter in the meeting of the Wakf Board. Wakf Board was informed that if NOC is issued, Municipality would construct compound wall at its cost. Now, the question is why municipality should construct compound wall at its cost. It clearly indicates that it is an attempt to benefit the local party leaders whereas the residents of the town are struggling for the protection of this wakf land.

When Mr. Saleem consulted the Wakf officials, he was informed that in case Wakf Board issues NOC, this valuable wakf land would go out of the control of Wakf Board.

It is said that Mr. Saleem has of the opinion that there will be no question of issuing NOC. There is a continuous effort on the part of the local political party to show wakf lands as personal properties in Hyderabad and other districts of Telangana. It remains to be seen that what kind of decision the members of the Wakf Board would take in its meeting to be held on 23rd May for the protection of this valuable Wakf land.

–Siasat News