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MIM deceived the Muslims of Hyderabad and spread communal hatred – Roushan Baig

MIM deceived the Muslims of Hyderabad and spread communal hatred – Roushan Baig

Hyderabad: Mr. R. Roushan Baig, Minister of Karnataka, while addressing a press conference in Hyderabad yesterday slammed MIM bitterly and said that it should confine itself to Hyderabad City only and stop dreaming of becoming national leaders since people have rejected this party in the recently held Bihar Assembly elections. He also told that the people of Bangalore have also taught a lesson to MIM by rejecting it in Municipal Elections. It is a proof that hatred is not acceptable at any level. He appealed to the voters of Hyderabad City to vote Congress to strengthen secular values. He further told that MIM is a communal party which divides people. In Hyderabad Municipal elections the competition would be between secular parties and communal parties. He suggested that Municipal elections should be contested on the basis of developmental works. The voters should see which corporator has done more work in his constituency.

Present in the press conference were Mr. V. Hanumanth Rao, Congress M.P. of Rajya Sabha and other leaders. He told that Majlis deceived the people, especially the Muslims of Hyderabad and played an important role in making them backward. He mentioned that in order to remove the backwardness of Hyderabad city, it is essential that Congress should be successful in elections. He told the voters to end all kinds of communalism and hatred and make Congress candidate successful. He informed that MIM decided to dissociate with Congress after three decades of partnership.


Mr. Hanumath Rao told that MIM Corporators did not work for the eradication of backwardness of the people. They neglected the old city completely. He hoped that the people of old city will support Congress.



–Siasat News