MIM, BJP urge to revoke Jana Reddy’s Suspension

Hyderabad: Floor leaders of both MIM and BJP, Akbaruddin Owaisi and Kishan Reddy respectively, appealed to the Assembly Speaker to reconsider the suspension of Leader of the Opposition K. Jana Reddy taking into view his stature, seniority and dignified and mature behaviour in the House.

Speaking soon after the suspension of the Congress members including that of Jana Reddy in the wake of yesterday’s high voltage drama in the House, Owaisi felt that Jana Reddy should have controlled his party members and prevented their unruly acts. We all know that Jana Reddy is a senior member, experienced politician and also a very matured and dignified leader. But unfortunately at the same time we all know that he is very helpless, he quipped.

The MIM leader pointed out that even during yesterday’s happenings in the House, he had behaved in a dignified manner though he had failed to control his own party members. However I appeal to the Speaker to reconsider the suspension of Jana Reddy as he is the Leader of the Opposition, he observed.

BJP leader Kishan Reddy while observing that yesterday’s incidents on the floor of the House was very unfortunate and regrettable, felt that the suspension of Jana Reddy should be revoked as he is the Leader of the entire Opposition. As a matter of fact he had also regretted about the incident during the BAC meeting and therefore his suspension should be reconsidered by the Speaker, he urged. (NSS).