Millions Denied Pension As Finger Prints Don’t Match Aadhaar Data: BJP Lawmaker

NEW DELHI: A BJP member in the Lok Sabha today said millions of people were not getting pension as their thumb impressions no longer matched the impression stored in the Aadhaar data due to old age.

BJP lawmaker Sushil Kumar Singh raised the issue in the Zero Hour and asked the centre to consider the matter seriously and resolve the problem.

The issue has adversely affected the elderly and the specially-abled people, he said. They have also being denied other benefits, Mr Singh said citing the example of his elderly mother who was not given a mobile SIM card because of her fading thumb impression and she had to obtain a connection under a relative’s name.

In many cases, the iris also develops deformities, he said resulting in a non-match with Aadhar data.

Mr Singh, who represents Aurangabad in Bihar, also demanded a criminal case against telecom operators who received subsidy benefits meant for their subscribers. Tathagata Satpathy of the BJD supported him.