Millie Bobby Brown surprises fans at Maroon 5 concert

Washington: ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown surprised Maroon 5 fans with a performance in the middle of their concert, singing “Girls Like You.”

Brown showed off her rapping skills by performing Cardi B’s lyrics, driving the crowd crazy, reported E! News.

The 14-year-old later opened up about the experience on her Instagram stories video, writing, “It was such an amazing night. It was such incredible people and such good friends and, you know, truly family. It’s such an honor to just be on stage with such talented human beings.”

The young star also revealed she “was not nervous” about her performance at all. “In fact, I was so comfortable,” she said. “It was so insane. It was so fantastic, and I had such an amazing time.”

Brown seemed to be having a blast off stage as well. During the show, she posted clips of her enjoying the pop band’s group’s hits “Maps” and “Don’t Wanna Know.”

However, the teenage star couldn’t stay out too late because it was a school night.

“Off to school tomorrow,” she said in her stories, mentioning she had algebra in the morning.