‘Milk’ trouble mounts for Thalaiva, court seeks reply

Bengaluru : The ritual called ‘paal abhishekam’, in which life-size posters of superstar Rajnikanth are bathed in milk is in trouble as an injunction suit has been filed against Thalaiva here.

Southern superstar Rajnikanth fans usually pour milk on his life-size posters in a ritual called ‘paal abhishekam’.

“The suit what we have filed against superstar Rajnikant, is to permanently stop the wastage of milk which is being poured in his name on his cut outs….. more than thousands of litres of milk has been wasted in all these years and let that not happen anymore,” Dr. IMS Manivanna, the petitioner, told ANI.

Noting that the veteran actor is now receiving the second highest civilian (Padma Vibhushan), Manivanna said that the ritual should not continue.

“And that is why I am requesting him (Rajnikanth) to come forward wilfully and tell his fans to stop wasting thousand of litres of milk,” he added.

When asked about the about the court’s observation on the complaint, the petitioner noted that the court has taken the cognisance of their observation and has issued an emergency notice to Rajnikanth, seeking his response on the matter.

He further mentioned that if the government has been so serious on rain water harvesting then why there is no such plan to save milk.

“The milk is the resource of our society and when we are saving the rain water for our next generations, so why shouldn’t we save milk. How can we waste the milk when it is the resource of our own society?” he asked.

The case was filed on March 26 and the next hearing will be on April 11. (ANI)