Miley Cyrus suffered anxiety attacks during ‘Hannah Montana’ days

Melbourne, Aug 15 : Miley Cyrus must have attained a lot of fame from the famous American series ‘, but it seems she is regretting as she has admitted playing this role led her to develop serious body image issues and caused her to suffer anxiety attacks.

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hit-maker said in a recent interview that playing the role of a teen pop princess in Disney’s famous show gave her impossible beauty goals like having long hairs, wearing glittery tight clothes, and by working 12-hour a day she suffered dysmorphia, reported.

The 22-year-old singer added that she even experienced her first period while shooting the show, but was forced to go for shooting so asked her mother to put on in a tampon.

Cyrus also shared whenever she looks at the retouched pictures she feels horrible as photo editors lighten black girls’ skin, smoothens wrinkles. (ANI)