Miles Teller to star in ‘Top Gun 2’ alongside Tom Cruise

Washington: Hollywood actor Miles Teller will star alongside superstar Tom Cruise in the upcoming action flick ‘Top Gun 2’.

Tom Cruise will reprise the role of Maverick from his 1986 film ‘Top Gun’.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Teller will play the role of the son of Maverick’s friend (Goose) who dies in the first film.

It was a much sought-after role as Miles Teller beat ‘X-Men: First Class’ actor Nicholas Hoult and ‘The Expendables 3’ actor Glen Powell to bag it.

In the previous movie, Maverick blamed himself for the death of Goose (Anthony Edwards).

Joseph Kosinski is directing the movie, who also happened to direct Cruise in ‘Oblivion’.

Teller has starred in gritty dramas such as ‘Thank You for Your Service’, and ‘Only the Brave’ which too were directed by Kosinski.
Teller was last seen in ‘Whiplash’.