Migratory ‘Shelduck’ seen for the first time in Hussainsagar

Hyderabad: The city bird watchers are delighted to record the presence of a new bird ‘Shelduck’ for the first time in the region.

Common Shelduck was never seen either in Andhra or Telangana in the past.

The bird watcher Rama Saroni has spoted this bird at 8.30 am on February 12, 2021. Some other bird watchers took pictures of this rare visitor.

Another bird watcher Rama Reddy said he had seen a single Shelduck in the waters of Hussainsagar.

Shelduck birds

The native of Europe, Shelduck birds travels thousands of miles during the winter to reach South, Southeast, and Central Asian countries. Even though this bird was frequently spotted in North India, but it was never seen in South India. This year, thousands of Northern ‘Shovelers’ – migratory birds – come to Hussainsagar and this single common Shelduck was seen among them.

The city’s bird watchers are delighted to spot a new bird in the heart of the city. Usually, Shelducks migrate during the winter to reach China, Japan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and other Asian countries.