Migrant from Telangana awaits govt. help in Saudi Arabia

Hyderabad: IT minister K.T. Rama Rao had assured a month ago that Karike Anil Kumar, who is stranded in Saudi Arabia would be rescued, it is been a month but no action has taken yet.

Anil’s family from Rajanna Siricilla district has appealed to the government to help him return home safely, as the due date of a month promise is ending on Sunday.

Anil’s wife said that her husband ran away from his employer after he was forced to do odd jobs and was not paid. She said he was taking shelter with some Telugus. His employer filed a theft case with the police due to which his repatriation under the government amnesty scheme is not possible. She said that despite action from Telangana’s Government there was no response, reported DC.

In the letter, Mr Rama Rao appealed to the embassy after Anil had sent a petition to him to take steps to get him released from Saudi Arabia and to repatriate him at the earliest.

“With only one day left for the amnesty programme to end and no response from the embassy officials in Saudi Arabia, we are worried about his safety. Taking this opportunity his kafil may harm him also,” she said, adding that both his parents are worried. Anil’s mother became bed-ridden after knowing about her son’s plight.

The 36-year-old was a driver in Saudi Arabia and ran away from his employer unable to bear his abuse. He tweeted to Mr Rama Rao about his problems and the Minister had responded immediately.